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Top Picks for Active Dogs

  • Aurora pattern JumppaPomppa fleece shirt for dogs.
    26,53 42,66 
  • Curry yellow raincoat SadePomppa for dogs
    39,44 69,27 
  • Lime color lightweight midseason dog raincoat KevytPomppa.
    45,08 74,11 
  • Multicolored winter coat PerusPomppa for dogs in Cosmos pattern.
    51,53 82,18 
  • Graphite grey dog thermal winter coat ToppaPomppa.
    57,98 88,63 

Our #1 Best-Selling
Dog Wear

JumppaPomppa dog fleece is an all-time Pomppa favorite – and for a good reason. This soft, highly elastic, and versatile shirt is a must-have for dogs living their best active life!


RePomppa Second-Hand

One Pomppa coat can bring joy to multiple four-legged owners in its lifetime, as the quality materials ensure that even a pre-loved coat can be passed on from one dog to another. Using the RePomppa service, you can explore and purchase used Pomppa products.

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Our Sustainability Work

From the very beginning, the well-being of dogs and long-lasting products have been at the heart of everything we do. Now, if ever, we must also pay attention to our impact on the world around us. Find out more about our sustainability work and goals.

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Timeless Design

The first Pomppa saw the daylight over fifteen years ago. Today, the world may look very different, but the original Pomppa design is still present in our products. Take a look at the highlights of Pomppa’s fifteen-year story.

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Where it all began

Meri Alku, the founder of Pomppa, made the first Pomppa coats for her own agility dogs back in 2008. Her goal was to design a long-lasting and durable product that would allow complete freedom of movement: and so PerusPomppa was created! This Pomppa classic is still holding its place as the foundation of our product development.

Pomppa Community

Join our joyful and supportive Pomppa pack by sharing your adventures on social media using #pomppa. Be sure to follow us for product insights, user testimonials, and inspiration for an active, dog-filled everyday life!