Pomppa is a Finnish company specialised in weatherproof clothing for dogs. Our practical, durable and well-fitting products have been part of the everyday life of dog owners for over a decade. Our goal is to let every dog enjoy the outdoors – regardless of the weather!


The founder of Pomppa, Meri Alku, made the first Pomppa jackets for her own agility dogs. Her goal was to design a long-lasting and durable product that allows unlimited and unrestricted movement. This is how the classic PerusPomppa was created. It was introduced to the public for the first time in 2008 at Agility World Championships in Helsinki.


Understanding the users and and their needs is the foundation of our design process. Pomppa is a well-fitting, weather-protective and durable coat, that is suitable for both companion and working dogs. For the dog owners, Pomppa is a quick and easy to wear jacket with vibrant and colorful patterns to brighten up the day!


We are creating long-lasting products with functional and timeless design, therefore, they do not require yearly modifications or renewals. This is proven by the fact that Pomppa jackets purchased over a decade ago are still in use by our customers. Due to the carefully selected, first-rate materials the coats also retain their resale value well.


The well-being of dogs will always remain at the heart of our operations. To us, dogs are beloved family members, reliable training partners and irreplaceable colleagues. We value their intelligence and the breed-specific traits that bring joy and comfort to our daily lives. We want to set an example in responsible dog care, regarding health, training methods and general well-being.

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