The Musti ja Mirri collection complements the Pomppa range

PaddyPomppa, NiftyPomppa and JumpyPomppa are designed with the requests of Musti ja Mirri customers in mind. The collection utilises new kinds of materials, while the models and fit are derived from the well-known Pomppa products. These products are available in Finland from Musti ja Mirri shops and Musti ja Mirri’s webshop and in Sweden from Arken Zoo shops and Arken Zoo webshop.


PaddyPomppa is a rain- and windproof winter coat. It will keep your dog warm and dry regardless of the weather outside. Reflectors on the collar and along the back seam guarantee that your dog will also be seen in the dark. A plump, anti-static fur lining and insulating wadding make the coat very warm. Thanks to the soft materials, the coat is comfortable to put on even the most sensitive dogs.

PaddyPomppa is available in three colours: Blue Bird, Talpa and Raspberry, and in sizes 25–80.


NiftyPomppa is a rain- and windproof shell jacket, which will keep your dog dry even in the nastiest weather. The sturdy outer fabric protects from rain, and the thin, anti-static fur lining is comfortable to use. Reflectors guarantee that your dog will be seen also when it is dark outside. An easy-to- use mid-season jacket is well-fitting and does not restrict your dog’s movement.

NiftyPomppa is available in two colours: Almondine and Kite Raspberry, and in sizes 25–65.


JumpyPomppa is a flexible dog sweater, which is easy to put on and comfortable to use. The back panel’s fleece warms your dog’s muscles from the neck to the thighs. The smooth lower panel protects the upper chest and abdomen. The stretchy gusset in front of collar provides freedom of movement for the head. Moisture-wicking materials help your dog’s fur dry quicker after a swim or bath. JumpyPomppa can be used by itself or under a Pomppa coat as a thermal layer.

JumpyPomppa is available in two colours: Raspberry and Almondine, and in sizes 25-70.

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