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The first Pomppa collection was launched at the Agility World Championships 2008 in Helsinki. This year, Pomppa is participating in the Championships again, this time in collaboration with the national team of Sweden. We wish good luck to all competitors!

Heidi Penttilä and the medium-sized poodle Rosey (Jumparound A Piece of Action) are competing in the Swedish national team for the first time. Heidi is an experienced competitor, who works as the CEO for the dog sports centre Stockholms Hundsportcentrum. The three year-old Rosey is a newer addition to the scene. She rose to third-level competitions last spring.

– I have always dreamt of participating in the World Championships. Rosey qualifying already this year came as a total surprise, Heidi says. – Rosey’s strengths include her obedience and good contact obstacles. She has a great will to perform well. She is also precise. When I’ve taught her something, she always performs the task perfectly, regardless of the atmosphere.

During the past month, Heidi has been competing less and has instead tended to both her and Rosey’s physical condition. She has focused on practising with course maps designed by World Championship judges and fine-tuning difficult pole angles and different starts. – Rosey’s turns in running contacts are good, but not quite there yet, Heidi elaborates on her preparations.

– We have a really good team spirit. On the Medium team, we have talked a lot about how we can help each other succeed in the championships, Heidi says. – My goal is to enjoy the entire trip and this amazing opportunity to represent Sweden in the World Championships! I will try to plan our course so that it highlights our strengths. I want to feel like I can run and direct as if I were in a competition back home.

The Agility World Championships are held in Liberec, Czech Republic, 5–8 October 2017. The national team of Sweden is presented here: AWC 2017