ToppaPomppa is a very thick and warm jacket for freezing temperatures. Its waterproof outer layer, soft teddy lining and well-insulating filling keeps the dog warm even in the most arctic weather conditions. The jacket is designed to cover the large and important muscle groups efficiently. Due to the generous sizing and the large rear piece, the jacket is also suitable to be used as a warming layer during downtime in between performances.

Please note that the back length of ToppaPomppa is 2 cm longer than in other similarly sized Pomppa jackets. If your dog’s measurements are in between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size.


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  • Exceptionally warm jacket is ideal for freezing weather.
  • Generous sizing and a large rear piece cover the large muscle groups well.
  • The collar has a convenient leash hole.
  • Suitable for most breeds and is quick and easy to put on.
  • Read more about the features of ToppaPomppa.
  • Waterproof, durable and rustle-free outer layer has a water column value of 5000 mm.
  • Anti-static and compact teddy lining doesn’t tangle the fur.
  • Wadding inside the lining insulates cold effectively.
  • High quality reflectors are located in the collar and back seam
  • All materials are machine-washable and dry out fast.


Maintaining and taking care of the product properly will increase its lifetime. Always follow the washing instructions found on the label inside the jacket. Wash the product at 30°C using a delicate cycle. Avoid using any fabric softeners or bleach. Do not spin-dry or iron the product.

Avoid any unnecessary washing. Aside from high water consumption, washing will wear out the fabric and its coating. If there’s no visible dirt or debris, try to air out the product in a well-ventilated area or try placing it in the freezer to get rid of any possible odors.


The jackets have a waterproof outer layer, which has also been treated with a water-repellent coating. After several washes, the water-repellent coating may weaken, but despite of this, the fabric is still 100 % waterproof. The jacket can be recoated with a water-repellent spray available from outdoor supply stores.


A properly maintained jacket will last for years in use. Before you decide to throw away a broken or worn product, check first if it’s repairable. If the buckle is broken, you can buy a spare from us, thus extending the life of the product.