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KevytPomppa is a shell jacket for dogs, which protects the dog from rain and wind. Its outer fabric, model and colours are the same as PerusPomppa’s. KevytPomppa’s lining is made of thin and anti-static knitted fabric with a soft finishing instead of teddy as in PerusPomppa. The easy-to-use rain coat’s materials make it a functional piece of clothing that your dog won’t even notice.

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Product Information

  • KevytPomppa provides comfortable protection for your dog in all kinds of weather. It keeps your dog dry even in pouring rain.
  • The model of KevytPomppa is the same as PerusPomppa. Due to the thinner inner fabric, Kevyt fits slightly looser than PerusPomppa.
  • KevytPomppa’s lining is made of anti-static knitted fabric with a soft finishing.
  • All Pomppa coats use the waterproof outer fabric. Its colours vary according to season.
  • The compact coat is lightweight and easy to carry along even during long hikes.
  • The durable coat is easy to wash and dries quickly.
  • Reflectors on the collar and along the back seam guarantee that your dog is seen in the dark.


  • The outer surface is made of fabric with waterproofing membrane
  • Inner lining made of anti-static, lightweight knitted fabric

Washing instructions

  • Gentle wash in 30˚C
  • Do not spin
  • Do not iron

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