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PerusPomppa is the first model designed by Pomppa. The goal was to design a jacket that protects the dog without restricting its freedom of movement. PerusPomppa in an all-dog jacket that keeps your dog warm all year round. Its waterproof outer fabric and an anti-static teddy lining will keep your dog comfortable, be it rain, wet snow or freezing temperatures.

Choosing the right size

NOTICE! Hippa is currently available also with black binding as special version called HippaBlack! Please be careful you choose preferred version between these two options.

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Product Information

  • PerusPomppa is Pomppa’s first product. Its carefully designed details are replicated in all Pomppa coats.
  • PerusPomppa does not restrict your dog’s movement, and it stay put even in full force action.
  • PerusPomppa fits many kinds of dogs. A generous collar, back vent and a broad abdominal panel, which is fastened as a belt, make the coat well-fitting.
  • Pomppa is designed with the dog’s wellbeing at heart. It is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.
  • All Pomppa coats and jackets use the waterproof outer fabric. Its colours vary according to season.
  • A high-quality and anti-static teddy lining will not tangle your dog’s fur or collect hair or dirt. The lining is made of teddy with a close texture, which makes it warm and durable.
  • Reflectors on the collar and along the back seam guarantee that your dog is seen in the dark.


  • The outer surface is made of fabric with waterproofing membrane
  • The lining is made of anti-static teddy

Washing instructions

  • Gentle wash 30˚C
  • Do not spin
  • Do not iron

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