Koirien ToppaPomppa -takin vuorimateriaali teddyvilla.


We are guided by a strong set of values, which emphasize the dog’s well-being, valuing each other and respecting the environment. Find our story and values on this page.


Best of Friends

Dogs teach us many things. Loyalty and unconditional love. Living in the moment. We value the dog’s characteristic traits and their significant role in our society. They truly are our best friends, which is why the well-being of dogs will always remain at the heart of everything we do.

Endless Curiosity

Dogs are naturally curious of their surroundings. So are we. We explore the surrounding world with enthusiasm. We keep sniffing the ever-changing winds and bravely tread uncharted paths. The way is open for new ideas.

Sincere Encounter

The most important thing is to pause and focus on the moment. With you. Be genuinely present. We care for one another and wish to encourage everyone to be exactly who they are. Openly and freely.

Joy of Life

Sparkling eyes and a sensitive snout are able to discover new experiences out of the ordinary. We love what we do and want to spread the feeling around us. Joy, passion, and inspiration make our ears perk up with excitement.

Looking Ahead

We aim to give more than take. Take responsibility. Our actions have an impact on the world around us, which is why we challenge ourselves to be better. To discover more responsible ways to operate. To leave a positive paw print.