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Please contact our customer service store@pomppa.fi / +358 50 502 0165 as soon as possible.

The order can be canceled free of charge before it has been shipped out of our warehouse. Please contact our customer service as soon as possible at store@pomppa.fi / +358 50 502 0165. If the package has already been shipped, the customer will have to follow our normal return policy.

Unfortunately we do not combine orders. Combining orders would slow down the delivery process and thus extend delivery times for all orders.

We apologize for the mistake. Please contact our customer service at store@pomppa.fi / +358 50 502 0165 as soon as possible to rectify the situation.

If you want the order delivered directly to the recipient, add the recipient’s address as the delivery address. Please note that the pick-up notification for the package will be sent to the phone number provided with the order.

Please contact our customer service at store@pomppa.fi / +358 50 502 0165 so we can solve the situation.

Exchange and return

Items can be returned within 14 days of delivery, as long as the item is unused and unwashed. This also applies to products in sale. Unfortunately, we cannot offer direct exchanges. If you wish to order another size or model, please return the purchased item and place a new order for the exchanged product.

When returning products, fill out the Return Form included in the delivery and post the package using the delivery service of your choice. Read more about our Delivery Terms and conditions.

To speed up the return and refund process, we expect you to claim the package and fill out the Return Form. Unclaimed package does not constitute as a cancelled or returned order. If your package is not claimed, we’ll have to charge both shipping and return fee.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer direct exchanges. If you wish to order another size or model, please return the purchased item and place a new order for the exchanged product. If you have any questions concerning  Pomppa sizing or fit, please contact our customer service at store@pomppa.fi / +358 50 502 0165. 

Extend the life of the product by replacing the broken buckle with a new one. Order a spare buckle here.


Pomppa jackets are waterproof with a water column value of 5 000 mm. They also have a water-repellent coating. Please note that JumppaPomppa is not waterproof, due to the elastic materials.

Maintaining and taking care of the product properly will increase its lifetime. Always follow the washing instructions found on the label inside the jacket. Wash the product at 30°C using a delicate cycle. Avoid using any fabric softeners or bleach. Do not spin-dry or iron the product. For more information, visit our blog post: How to Care for Your Pomppa.

Please avoid any unnecessary washing. Aside from high water consumption, washing will wear out the fabric and its coating. If there’s no visible dirt or debris, try to air out the product in a well-ventilated area to get rid of any possible odors.

All Pomppa products are suitable for both male and female dogs. For female dogs, the belt piece can reach up to the back legs, covering the whole abdomen. Male dogs usually have a larger chest, so the belt piece won’t come as far, leaving just enough space for the critical area.

Pomppa is perfectly suitable for Dachshunds and other short-legged dogs. As always, the correct size should be chosen according to the dog’s back length. For short-legged dogs, the hem of the jacket will set lower, so we recommend choosing either Jumppa-, Sade-, Kevyt- or PerusPomppa. The generous size of ToppaPomppa’s hem may reach all the way to the ground.

Pomppa produces ready-made dog wear, so unfortunately customizations are not available. We recommend trying out our products anyhow, it’s highly possible you’ll find a suitable fit for your dog. Often those who are rarely able to find any suitable clothing for their dogs, are pleasantly surprised when trying on Pomppa!

The right jacket should be chosen according to the dog’s fur type and intended use of the product. Check out our blog post: Choosing the Right Jacket.

Pomppa can be worn with a harness. The harness should be worn on top of the jacket, since there’s no hole for it on the back. We also recommend loosening the harness a bit, just so that the jacket fits well and doesn’t feel uncomfortably tight.

Pomppa’s journey started in Finland in the year 2008. Due to a steadily growing demand, the production was moved to Estonia the following season. As international markets opened and demand for Pomppa continued to grow, the production was gradually moved to China during 2016-2020. Today, in addition to Finland, Pomppa has production in Japan (teddy lining), Taiwan (materials) and China (materials and products). We find it highly important that our factories operate according to our values. Through regular factory visits, close communication with our contacts and strict quality control, we guarantee the ethical operating methods of our factories.

Our most important goal is to create long-lasting products, which we ensure by designing the products and choosing the materials by ourselves. We also require flawless precision from our manufacturers. We are creating durable products with functional and timeless design, therefore, they do not require yearly modifications or renewals. This is proven by the fact that Pomppa jackets purchased over a decade ago are still in use by our customers. Due to the carefully selected, first-rate materials, our products also retain their resale value well.

We’re always interested in new partners and collaborations. Please send an email at store@pomppa.fi or call +358 50 502 0165 and let’s chat!

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