Find the Perfect Fit

Once a suitable jacket has been found for your dog, it’s important to ensure that the jacket size is good and it fits for your dog.

The practical and easy-to-wear Pomppa jackets protect the dog from head to tail. The jacket stays on with ease and it doesn’t restrict the natural movement of the dog. A correctly sized and well-fitting jacket is also comfortable to wear for the dog and easy and quick to use for the dog owner.

The size of the Pomppa jacket is always determined by the dog’s back length and the intended use of the jacket. A jacket intended for heavy exercise and active outdoor life should sit firmly on the waist, however a jacket used for downtime in between performances and peaceful walking can be larger in size. When the jacket is required to fit especially well, it’s important to wear it correctly. See the attached videos for instructions on how to wear Pomppa jackets and JumppaPomppa!

How to wear Pomppa jacket

Once the jacket is on, it’s easy to confirm the right fit by checking the tightness and reach of the belt and the position of the back piece. Note that the belt should always be tightened before estimating the fit. A properly adjusted belt collects the hem neatly away from the dog’s legs and keeps jacket in place even while sprinting. When the belt is adjusted correctly, there should only be enough room to slip two fingers under the belt.

Also view the side profile. The belt should reach all the way to the dog’s waist. Otherwise it will not cover the dog’s abdomen nor will it hold the jacket in place. The right fit can also be estimated when the dog lowers its snout to the ground. If the back of the jacket stays in place without rising up, the fit is ideal. This way the jacket protects the large muscles on the thighs and back.

How to wear JumppaPomppa

JumppaPomppa is a flexible and form-fitting sweater that’s easy to put on and quick to take off. As with Pomppa jackets, the correct size should be chosen according to the dog’s back length. If your dog’s measurement is between two sizes, it’s recommended to choose a larger size to ensure a good fit and easy wearability. When the size is right, the tail curve should reach the base of the dog’s tail. This way the sweater will set correctly over the back and thighs, providing the best possible coverage.

For deep and broad chested dogs, the size of the JumppaPomppa can be chosen according to the chest circumference. In this case, the length of the sweater may exceed the back length of the dog. However, this does not affect the functionality or warming capabilities of the product, the sweater will stay flexible and comfortable.

When choosing either a jacket or a sweater, be sure to take into account the gender, the amount of fur, the position of the tail and other possible factors that may have an effect on the fit. You’re always welcome to ask us for help and advice when searching for the right fit.