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  • OrganoTex Spay-On textile waterproofing

    Spray-on textile waterproofing

    The biodegradable OrganoTex waterproofing spray restores the water and dirt repellency to outdoor wear. Use it on both your own and your dog’s rainwear, making outdoor adventures in rainy weather twice as much fun!
  • Spare buckle for Pomppa dog coats.

    Spare Buckle

    Extend the life of your coat by replacing a broken buckle with a new one. The buckle size is chosen according to the size of the coat. Please note, that the new spare buckle might not match with the older buckle. In this case, we recommend replacing the whole buckle, even if only one side of the buckle is broken.
  • Guppyfriend eco-friendly washing bag

    Washing bag

    An eco-friendly washing bag that helps reduce microplastic waste! The bag prevents microplastics from entering our waterways and also protects your clothes from wear and tear during machine washing.