Spray-on textile waterproofing


The biodegradable OrganoTex waterproofing spray restores the water and dirt repellency to outdoor wear. Use it on both your own and your dog’s rainwear, making outdoor adventures in rainy weather twice as much fun!

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OrganoTex waterproofing spray restores the water and dirt repellency of your Pomppa coat while maintaining its breathability, color and feel.

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Water-based and solvent-free
  • Free from PFC/PFAS
  • Packaging size 500 ml
  • Sufficient for 10 m2 of textile
  • Treatment lasts 4-5 washes
  • Made in Sweden

When to re-treat Pomppa coat?
As with all water repellent products, the water-repellency of Pomppa coats wears off in use and wash. When water droplets no longer bead on the surface but get absorbed into the fabric, the treatment has worn off. To maintain the water-repellent properties of your Pomppa, it’s important to re-treat the product regularly. OrganoTex waterproofing spray restores the water and dirt repellency easily, quickly and in a environmentally friendly way.

How to use:

  1. Wash the coat according to the the care label and allow to dry.
  2. Place the coat on a flat surface and cover the working area.
  3. Shake the bottle well and spray it evenly onto the fabric from 20 cm distance.
  4. Remove the excess product by spreading it with a clean cloth.
  5. Let the coat dry at room temperature and then apply the heath treatment.

Heat treatment:
To fully restore the water and dirt repellency, Pomppa coats require a heat treatment. This is done by heating the product evenly using one the following methods:

  • Tumble dyer or cabinet: 30 °C / 5 min.
  • Sauna: 40 °C / 5 min.
  • Hairdryer: 30 °C / 3-5 min from 20 cm distance.
  • Sunlight: 15 min

If you notice any areas that are still getting wet, you can repeat the treatment on that specific area.


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