Practical, durable and stylish Pomppa jackets are suitable for the everyday life of both companion and working dogs. They protect from head to tail and are resistant to the ever-changing weather of the North. Our collection includes functional jackets as well as warm sweaters.

Pomppa coat features

These carefully considered details create Sade, Kevyt, Perus and ToppaPomppa:

  1. Large collar
  2. Front slit
  3. Leash hole
  4. Well-fitting belt
  5. Covering rear part
  6. Tail slit
  7. Not leg loops
  8. Reflectors
  9. Curved buckle

The functional jacket allows the dog’s movement to be fully natural and free. Due to the front slit, the dog is able to move its front legs with no restrictions. The large collar opening allows the dog to move its head freely from side to side. The jacket also retains it shape and place perfectly even if the dog lowers its head to the ground. 

The snugly fitting belt holds the coat in place and collects the hem neatly away from the dog’s legs. The dog can also wag and carry its tail completely free due to the tail slit at the back.

The jacket provides full protection against all kinds of weather conditions. The edge of the front slit reaches over the shoulder blades and the large back piece protects the muscles on the lower back and thighs. The curved back piece also protects the dog’s thighs from behind.

The large collar extends high up on the neck. The wide belt reaches all the way to the waist, fitting snugly against the dog’s abdomen. The functional jacket stays in place and protects the dog thoroughly even while sprinting.

The jacket has an exceptional fit and is comfortable to wear. The belt holds the jacket in place, therefore there’s no need for any other adjustment straps or elastic bands around the hind legs.

The comfort isn’t compromised even if the dog is on leash. The leash hole allows the collar to stay upright, covering the dog’s neck even while walking on lead. And since even the smallest details matter, the buckle is curved to prevent it from rubbing or pressing against the dog’s back. 

The versatile jacket is suitable for year-round use. The striking reflectors are located on the collar and on the back piece, making the dog visible from all directions. The high-quality reflectors are durable and will shine bright even after multiple washes. 

The simple yet unique design makes the jacket easy to put on and quick to take off. It is safe to wear and does not restrict the dog’s movements in any way. It also doesn’t have any elastic bands or other extra parts that could rub the inner thighs or get caught in the bushes while running.

Pomppa sweater features

These carefully considered details create JumppaPomppa dog fleece:

  1. High collar
  2. Front slit
  3. Flexible materials
  4. Covering underside
  5. Shaped rear part
  6. Reflectors
  7. No leg loops

Due to the unique design and flexible materials of the sweater, the dog’s movement remains natural while wearing the product. The front slit allows free and unrestricted motion of the front legs. The form-fitting design stays on flawlessly even while running, thus it’s perfectly suitable for sports and daily use.

The sweater provides full protection against cold and chilly weather. The high collar protects the large muscles on the neck without restricting the natural movement of the head. The curved rear piece settles on the dog’s lower back and thighs, staying on even while running at high speeds. The bottom part reaches all the way to the waistline and covers the dog’s abdomen.

The flexible and form-fitting sweater is suitable for many types of dogs. The sweater is easy to put on and it keeps the dog warm even in freezing weather. Due to its excellent fit, the sweater doesn’t need any buckles, straps or rubber bands around the hind legs, which could cause discomfort to the dog.

The versatile sweater is suitable for year-round use. The striking and long-lasting reflectors on the side seams ensure visibility even in the dark. The simple yet unique design makes the sweater easy to put on and quick to take off. It is safe to wear and does not restrict the dog’s movements in any way.

Choosing the right size

Choosing the right size ensures the best possible protection. When Pomppa fits right, it protects the most important muscle groups and stays perfectly on even while sprinting. Pomppa products are well suited for both slender and heavily built dogs. When choosing the right size, it’s important that the product doesn’t restrict the dog’s natural movement or disturb them in any other way.

The right size is determined by the back length of the dog. We recommend that you avoid choosing a smaller size than your dog’s back length indicates, especially when choosing a slim-fitted JumppaPomppa. However, depending on the dog’s proportions and fur type, the right size may be larger than the size according to the back length. It’s also important to consider the intended use of the product. A coat meant for active lifestyle should fit snugly, whereas a coat for calm exercise and downtime during training can be slightly larger.

Kuvallinen ohjeistus fleecepaita JumppaPompan mittaukseen.

The picture shows where to take the measurements used in the size chart. When measuring, the dog should be standing with its back as straight as possible. Remember to leave some extra room for the measurements, if your dog has a thick fur.

  1. BACK – The back length is measured from the neck to the base of the tail. Start measuring from the meeting point of the neck and back.
  2. NECK – The neck circumference is measured from the same point as the back length. This measure is only relevant when choosing JumppaPomppa.
  3. CHEST –The chest circumference is measured from the widest point of the chest.
  4. WAIST – The waist circumference is measured from the narrowest part of the dog’s abdomen.

Size chart

Choose the correct size primarily according to the length of the dog’s back. All units are in centimeters (cm). The measurements shown are extreme sizes of the product. You can find size charts for each product also from the product pages.