How to Care for Your Pomppa

Caring for your Pomppa product is essential for it to protect your dog in every weather. With proper care, the life of your Pomppa can be extended by years!

Our goal is to make long-lasting products that stand the test of time and use. This is made possible not only by the quality of the materials and the timeless design, but also by the correct care of the products.

If a Pomppa is used regularly, it should also be cared for regularly. Especially when storing Pomppa products for a longer period of time, it’s important to clean them well so that the possible stains and odours do not stick to the fabric. The fibers are also worn down by dirt which shortens the life of the product. A properly cared for Pomppa is a long-lasting purchase, and a clean and well-maintained product is a delight to grab from the wardrobe after storage. Check out our best tips for caring for your products!


Drying. Pomppa is a dog’s best friend, especially on a rainy day. After use, a wet coat should always be dried thoroughly. So instead of folding the coat into a closet or leaving it on the floor to dry, hang it up and let it dry in a well-ventilated space, preferably outdoors. This prevents the coat from wrinkling and developing any unwanted odors.

Let your Pomppa products dry in a well-ventilated space to avoid wrinkles and unwanted odors.

Stain removal. Be sure to remove all kinds of stains from the coat as soon as they appear, whether it’s caused by a sudden dive into a mud puddle or fun adventure on a rainy day. First, let the coat dry thoroughly, as dried up sand and debris come off easily by shaking and gently wiping. Remaining stains can be removed locally with a damp cloth. Use mild detergent if necessary. Avoid rubbing the outer fabric excessively, as it can wear out the fabric’s water-repellent properties.

JumppaPomppa’s upper fabric is made of fleece, but all stains can be removed the same way as with our other coats. Using a clothes brush, you can brush off all kinds of dirt such as sand, mud, dust and hair. Brushing also helps smooth the fabrics surface, removes lint and prevents more lint from forming. Always use the brush on a dry product.

Remove stains locally with a damp cloth.


Odor removal. As with all dog gear, some unpleasant odors may appear over time, even if there’s no visible dirt to be seen. Unwanted odors can be prevented by regularly airing out the product in fresh outdoor air. If the odors are hard to get rid of, insert the product in a plastic bag and place it in a freezer for a few hours. This should eliminate the odor-causing bacteria. If the odours are really stuck to the product, you can wash it in the washing machine. See the instructions below: 

Machine wash. Avoiding any unnecessary washing is recommended. In addition to high water consumption, machine washing also wears out the technical properties of the product, like the fabric’s waterproof membrane and the water-repellent coating. Washing the product properly can significantly extend its life:

  1. Close the belt buckle to prevent damage to other products in the washing machine and/or turn JumppaPomppa inside out to protect the fleece’s surface. 
  2. We highly recommend using a washing bag to protect the clothes and the environment.
  3. Choose a 30 °C delicate cycle 
  4. For coats, the maximum spin speed is 400 rpm. For Jumppa, choose up to 800 rpm.
  5. Pay attention to your choice of detergent. Dog’s have a strong sense of smell and sensitive skin, so choose a fragrance-free, mild and environmentally friendly product.
  6. We recommend using a liquid detergent. The liquid detergent washes off easily thus maintaining the product’s breathability and water resistance. 
  7. We don’t recommend using a fabric softener. Not only does it impact negatively on the environment, but it also wears out the fabric and reduces its durability.
  8. Neutralize any possible odors using vinegar or unscented laundry vinegar with a dosage of 0,5-1 tbsp per coat. The vinegar is used like a fabric softener: add the appropriate amount into the fabric softener compartment.
  9. Pomppa products can be washed together with other clothes, but preferably with similar colors.
  10. Let the products dry by either hanging it or leaving it on a drying rack. 
  11. After each wash, we recommend “reactivating” the coat’s water-repellent coating. See instruction below.
Wash Pomppa in a washing machine only when necessary.

Reactivating and re-treating the water repellency. The shell fabric of Pomppa coats is finished with a DWR treatment, which keeps the fabric water-repellent. After each wash, the DWR treatment must be reactivated by heating the product in a drying cabinet, tumble dryer or in a sauna at 60 °C for a few minutes. 

The DWR treatment also wears off over time and after multiple washes. The product should be re-treated after water droplets no longer bead on the surface but get absorded in the fabric instead. The water-repellency is easily restored using a waterproofing spray-on and following the instructions on the product page.

Note that water-repellency does not affect the fabric’s water resistance. If the fabric gets saturated with water, the coat is still waterproof, but only the moisture doesn’t evaporate through the fabric as effectively anymore.

The fleece fabric in JumppaPomppa does not have any water-repellent properties, so the above instructions only apply to the Pomppa coats (Sade, Kevyt, Perus and Toppa).

A broken plastic buckle can be replaced with a spare.

Repair. A broken plastic buckle can be replaced using a correctly sized spare buckle. Please note, that the new spare buckle might not match with the older buckle. In this case, we recommend replacing the whole buckle, even if only one side of the buckle is broken.

Recycling. A properly maintained Pomppa will last for years. Before you decide to throw away a broken or worn out product, check first if it’s repairable. If you have a product that’s no longer in your use, we recommend passing on or selling it to another dog. This way Pomppa brings joy to the next owner as well!

Pomppa is a long-term investment as long as it’s properly maintained and cared for! Feel free to contact us if you need more information about the care or maintenance of your product.