Pomppa has a new CEO

Pomppa has continued its rapid growth throughout the past season. As the operations expanded further and the staff quantity increased, Pomppa set out to find a new CEO to take the company to the next level. In March 2021, Minna Hyrsky was appointed as the new CEO of Pomppa.

The owner Meri Alku has led Pomppa’s operations since its establishment in 2008. In its early years, Pomppa remained firmly as a one-woman company, but the tremendous growth of recent years has made it possible to expand operations further and increase people onboard. During the past season, the need to make major solutions in support of the company’s growth became relevant.

– At the beginning, Pomppa was managed solely based on my own skills at the time. I basically did everything I was good at, what brought me joy and what I envisioned for the future of the company. My own role at the time was very creative and idealistic, and I was heavily involved in the product development process, Meri describes.

– Over time, I ended up with the position of the CEO, which I’ve carried out to the best of my abilities. However, as the business continued to grow at a rapid pace, I decided it was finally time to take control of the full potential of the company. This is how we ended up looking for a new CEO for Pomppa.


The search for the new CEO began in December 2020.  – Initially, we were looking for a person who feels right at home in this position. Additionally, we wanted to find a suitable person for our team: humane and gentle, and like us, takes their work seriously. Someone with a fresh and adaptive perspective. The person was also expected to have experience in large scale business, Meri says.

– It was also necessary to share common values. To us, the value of work isn’t measured by profit alone, but rather how the business is run. The well-being of dogs, people and the surrounding world can all be found at the core of Pomppa’s values. And, naturally, quality always comes before price. Fortunately, we found that many shared the same views.

Minna - Toimitusjohtaja
Minna Hyrsky was selected as the new CEO of Pomppa.

Earlier this year, Minna Hyrsky was selected as the new CEO of Pomppa. Minna has made a long career in the textile industry and has wide experience in leading both product and customer developments, placing the customer at the head of it. The expertise gained from MBA has also provided useful tools for broader business leadership.

–  I would call myself idealistic, yet realistic. I have strong values that are reflected in everything I do. Nature is the source of my joy and strength, and my free time is preferably spent with my hands in the soil or outdoors in the nature, Minna describes.

– My interest in Pomppa grew steadily throughout the application process. The more I got to know Meri, the better I realized how well our values and worldviews meet. Pomppa was so full of life. Later, as I got to meet the whole team, I really felt like this is something I want to be part of.

–  Also, I strongly believe in the business itself. I know how important it is to find quality products on the market. As a fanatical cat owner myself, I understand the thoughts of a committed pet owner and the immeasurable value of the pet, Minna adds.


As Minna entered her new position as the CEO, Meri’s own role is going under a big change. – Even as my role at Pomppa transforms, I want to stay involved. I wish to do more creative work in the future, however my role as the Chairman of the Board remains, Meri confirms.

Minna sees a bright future ahead for Pomppa. – Pomppa is carefully built on a stable foundation, on which it’s good to build more. Particularly noteworthy is the strong growth in recent years, which also brings us responsibility for what is brought to the market in the future. I wish to bring these responsibility aspects into Pomppa’s development and enhance it in everything we do.

– Our next step is to strengthen the organization itself. Pomppa is, and continues to be, a good and respected brand, to which we are going to bring more depth to. We make sure we’re able to continue serving our customers in the best way possible. I also want to ensure that Pomppa’s future growth is built sustainably, Minna explains.

The past two months as CEO has included settling into the new position as well as getting to know the team. – Everything has been exactly as I imagined, and more. It’s been unexpectedly easy to slip into the team, and it feels like I’ve already gained full trust and support from Meri, Minna says.

Meri also admits feeling relieved and happy. – Right now, I’m full of bubbling joy and eager expectation. It hasn’t been easy letting go of the responsibility, but it makes me relieved knowing everything is going into good hands. I know the right decision was made and I’m excited to see what the future will hold for us, she sums up.