What it’s like to live with hunting dogs

Have you ever wondered what your daily life might look like when living with hunting dogs? Read what Pompassador Laura says about this fascinating world.

“My dogs are family members, loyal friends and sports partners. But they are also hunting dogs (at least Amber and Ivy 😉 ), which accompany me, support and take on indispensable tasks. This kind of work with my dogs creates a very special connection, which is why I want to tell you more about it.

The use of hunting dogs is very different depending on the breed and the area of use. For every kind of hunting there are specialists. The retrievers for retrieving, the bloodhounds/scenthounds for tracking, the flushing dogs for driven hunts, the terriers for hunting wild boar and predators… And there are the pointing dogs. These are specialists for pointing, however, they are often used as all-rounders – they are also used for all other work. This versatility is what also attracted me to the Epagneul Picard breed. They enjoy many disciplines in dog sports as well.

Epagneul Picard is a very versatile breed. Specialists for pointing, but often used as all-rounders as well!

Because of the versatility, the training of pointing dogs is very varied. They practice pointing, trails/tracks, obedience and retrieving game in water as well as in the forest and in the field. There are various tests in which you can participate with your dog to prove that it is suitable for hunting or to be allowed to breed with it.

In addition to the regular hunting training, I participate with Amber every year in driven hunts. Especially in this type of hunting, the dogs do an incredible job. In a fast pace they usually run more than 20 km, find game again and again and drive it out of its hiding place. This kind of hunting could be very dangerous for the dog. For example, injuries can be caused by wild boars, which is why the dogs wear protective vests.

Amber has also helped me often to find shot game. It happens that even after a fatal shot, the animal still flees a bit. In this case Amber helps me to find it faster. This is important to produce a high quality meat from the game.

Koirat tarvitsee erillisiä suojavaatteita petoeläinten varalle.
Hunting dogs wear protective vests to prevent injuries caused by wild boars.

The performance of a dog here is comparable to high performance sports. Accordingly, the dogs are also supplied. Special food and supplements. For example, I have copied some things from canicross/sledwork dog sports to prepare Amber optimally and to help her with the regeneration. After hunting during the cold season, it is needless to say that the dogs are dried in a bathrobe and then get a coat on to keep them warm. Or if they have to wait for a longer time and can’t move at the same time they’ll have their Pomppas.

Pompan vaatteet pitävät koirat lämpimänä pidemmillä tauoilla.
Pomppa keeps Ivy and Amber warm when they have to stay still and wait around for longer periods of time.

My dogs bring unbelievable achievement for me and each hunt holds a certain danger. In return, I allow them to do what they were bred for. And everyone who has seen a breed in its origin knows how much they burn for their job. That’s exactly why the connection between me and my dogs is so special through hunting. I need my dogs as much as they need me. We can rely on each other and give everything for each other. And there is nothing better than lying on the couch together and cuddling after a successful day of hunting.”

– Laura / @wildtrails_

Pompassador Laura ja hänen metsästyskoiransa Amber ja Ivy.