Changes in Pomppa Sizes

Based on the feedback received, size charts gaps between mid-sizes are too big. We’ve decided to address our customers’ wishes, we updated the size chart!

But how did we originally decide on the sizes? – It all began when I wanted to make the perfect coat for my Löwchen Kira. The result was the first Pomppa prototype, size 37. Size 45 came about when I altered the prototype for my other dog, Piippa the Poodle, Meri Alku, Pomppa’s owner and designer, explains.

– The other sizes were introduced as I began making Pomppa coats for other dogs as well. When the company was founded, the sizing system was already established, and it had remained unchanged until now. Over the years, only the extremely large and extremely small sizes have been left out due to small demand.

The revision of the sizing system brings about new names for the mid-sizes, smaller gaps between sizes as well as an additional size. The previous sizes 41, 45, 50 and 55 will be replaced by sizes 40, 44, 48, 52 and 56. The tweaked sizing system will serve Pomppa’s clientele better!

From here you can find the updated size chart.