Meet the Pompassadors 2022

Welcome new Pompassadors! These super talented teams were selected as our brand ambassadors for the year 2022. Read their introductions below!

At the end of last year Pomppa launched a brand ambassador search, looking for the most motivated and inspiring dog owners, enthusiasts, adventurers and storytellers – and oh boy did we find them! Nearly 350 applications were submitted from Pomppa fans all around the world, and in the end, we managed to bring together this top team of eight Pompassadors.

So without further ado, we proudly present our Pompassadors 2022:

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Mima ja hänen koiransa Abby.
Mima & Abby / @vet.mimajms

Mima & Abby

Hi there Pomppa friends and greetings from Kirkkonummi, Finland!

My name is Mima – a servant of 4,5-year-old Pointer queen Abby. Abby was rehomed to us around year and a half ago, and in addition to sweetening up our lives, she also got both me and my partner quickly wrapped around her paw. Although strangers may sometimes be quite suspicious in her eyes, Abby’s very relaxed and enthusiastic when among her own pack.

In order for our affectionate Abby to spend her evening relaxed and cuddled, she requires considerable amounts of exercise during the day. Our activities mainly consists of long walks in the forest and training the skills of a pointing gun dog. I’ve also dreamed about making our Rally-O and Canicross debut this year! But even if we never make it to the race tracks, there’s always enough to do with resolving Abby’s resource guarding issues, which previously had led to her rehoming.

On our social media, we share a lot of information on animal health – illustrated with Abby’s adventures of course – because when I’m not wrapped around the paw of a Pointer, I’m in my third year of studying to be a veterinarian. Partly because of my career choice, I want to ensure my dog gets to live the most relaxing and natural, and obviously, healthy life as possible. Although I’m currently most interested in orthopedics and various sports-related injuries, I make sure to bring a lot of attention to pet dental care on my social media, as I constantly see pet oral problems in my work due to the ignorance of owners.

I applied as a Pompassador because I want my choices and social media collaborations to support Finnish companies, and with a dog that easily gets cold on our adventures, quality clothing is a must. So I hope that in addition to testing out their functional and comfortable dogwear, I’m able to take the Pomppa brand forward with my own expertise on animal health.

You can follow our adventures on Instagram @vet.mimajms. Head over there to follow our adventures and learn more about animal health! And, of course, to hear which Pomppa products will end up as our favorites!

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Amanda ja hänen koiransa Tiro ja Raya.
Amanda, Tiro & Raya / @the.pawsome.league

Amanda, Tiro, Raya & Jackson

Hey! My name is Amanda and I live in the middle of Sweden with my partner and three dogs. My dog ​​pack consists of Jackson who is a 10.5 year old chihuahua mix. Then we have Tiro a 5.5 year old toller, and then we have little Raya a 9 month old toller.

My big passion in life is to live and breathe dogs! I am a very active dog owner and train and compete in most things that we find interesting and fun. We have competed in, among other things, obedience, rally obedience, hunting trials, bloodtracks, workingtracks and dogshows. In addition to competing, we love to go hiking or just being out in the woods together.

My passion and goal in life with my dogs, is that my dogs should get the exercise and mental stimulation they need to feel good. Which also suits the breeds I have. I believe that a working dog is a happy dog. and then that I myself love to train and compete with my dogs, means that I need dogs who can love it as much as I do.

On my instagram, @the.pawsome.league, you can follow me and my pack through our everyday lives. You get to follow our training and competition, as well as see pictures that are the result of my great interest in photography.

Why we wanted to become ambassadors for Pomppa, was that we really like their products, they have nice fits, lovely colors and you can never have too much dog stuff, right!? I am someone who loves nice equipment for my dogs, and if it is also functional and of good quality, it can’t get better! This is also a way for me to develop in my photographic art when it comes to photographing products, and using my imagination. I’m really looking forward to this year with Pomppa!

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Johanna ja hänen koiransa Tupu ja Meisi.
Johanna, Tupu & Meisi / @minimeising / Photo: Titta Brunfeldt

Johanna, Tupu & Meisi

My name is Johanna, and I’m originally from Kuopio, Finland. I’ve been living in Tampere for almost seven years, and Tampere truly feels like a home to me. I’m living with two lovable dogs, 3-year-old Finnish Lapphund Tupu, and soon-to-be 2-year-old Miniature American Shepherd Meisi. Meisi arrived from France when she was 8 weeks old. In addition, I have two co-owned dogs, Nocco (soon 1 yo) and Sefia (1 yo), both Mini Americans as well. I work as a special education teacher, and my dogs get to work with me from time to time.

We’re actively involved in dog sports. Tupu does rally-obedience and Meisi agility, but she also has experience in obedience and rally-o. In addition to training actively, I’m also interested in competing. Tupu has already shown her skills in rally with a title RTK1 and has competed once in advanced class. We also enjoy hiking, especially the relaxing kind with delicious food packed along. In summer we head out to Finnish Lapland to conquer the fells!

I’m inspired by the endless dimensions of dog training. Things can be achieved in so many ways, but for me, the goal is to offer experiences of success and joy of working together. I find it important to provide a well-balanced life for my dogs, where both rest and activities are equally balanced. My dogs enjoy both treats and play, and of course praise as well. They get to run around freely and do dog-like behaviour, like searching for their food and other sniffing activities. My girls also enjoy snuggles and lounging on the couch, which are important, daily moments for us as well.

I’m also interested in dog breeding, and I’m endlessly thirsty for more information on the topic. I’m carefully hoping for the first Minimeising litter for 2022, but Mother Nature will ultimately decide whether this plan comes true. So hopefully this year, in addition to our active everyday life, you get to follow the growth of our puppy litter as well.

I was excited to apply as Pompassador because the cheerful and colorful Pomppa coats have been in our use for a long time already. They are easy to wear, practical and vibrant, which appeals to me. My dogs appreciate the leg-strapless design and the great fit. Even though my dogs have relatively long fur, they often need clothes for training and in very windy weather. I’m excited to spread the word of Pomppa around this year as a Pompassador! It’s going to be easy when you’ve been a happy customer for a long time already.

You’re welcome to follow our daily life and Pompassador journey on Instagram @minimeising!

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Sarah ja koirat Sina ja Ophelia.
Sarah, Sina & Ophelia / @ofdogsandmountains

Sarah, Sina & Ophelia

Welcome everyone!

My name is Sarah, I’m 22 years young and I am working as a travel agent. I’m the owner of two lovely girl dogs. 🤎 First comes Sina, a 2-years-old mutt, her funny ears make her unique, as one is pricked and the other is floppy, as well as her beautiful rich brown brindle colour. We don’t know what she is mixed with but body structure wise she looks like a Whippet/Terrier/Shepherd mix in a small body, she is just 42cm & 9kg. 💛 Second comes Ophelia, often just called Lia, she is a 1-year-old tricolor Shetland Sheepdog. She really is one of a kind. Lia has a super lovely personality and is quite tiny for a Sheltie, tender 29,5cm & 3,8kg. 🖤 In our spare time we hike a lot in the beautiful Austrian nature. We live in the Austrian countryside surrounded by lots of forests, mountains and lakes.

One of my main hobbies is Photography so of course my camera joins us on most of our awesome adventures and that’s where I get to take all of our stunning Instagram posts. When I have several days off I love to travel and meet some close Instagram friends of ours. 🐕🧑‍🤝‍🧑

For 2022 I plan to keep traveling a lot with my dogs & friends. I for sure want to visit the Dolomites this year, maybe a warmer destination in summer and even another continent than Europe! We will see… 🥰 What I do regularly almost every month is spending a few days in Vienna. Other than that I want to get more into Agility as we just started last autumn. 🤍

I wanted to become a Pompassador because once I discovered the JumppaPomppa I got addicted. They keep my girls warm & look super nice. 🌈 Then I discovered the KevytPomppa and was hooked even more. Well the rest is history… I just really really love the brand and can recommend it with all my heart. ❤️ As a Pompassador of 2022 I look forward to many great adventures with the Pomppa gear and to capture lots of cool content with the coats! 🌟

Also I’m soooooo excited for the new colors for the Winter/Spring 2023 season!!

That’s it for now.. you can follow our daily adventure on Instagram @OfDogsAndMountains , see you there! 🥰

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Miina ja hänen koira Knut.
Miina & Knut / @knutstabij

Miina & Knut

Hi there! My name is Miina, soon-to-be 25-year-old student and dog enthusiast from Turku. I’m currently studying for my dream job and will hopefully graduate as an Occupational Therapist at the end of the year. At home we have a 2-year-old Stabijhoun called Knut, who’s keeping me busy in my spare time. Our family dog, a female rescue Radda, lives with my parents in my childhood home.

Knut is sensitive, happy, energetic and always ready to do things together. We go to weekly agility and rally-o classes with a goal of competing in both sports in the future. In addition, I’m hoping that after I graduate, I’ll be able to study animal-assisted therapy and have Knut work as my colleague.

Knut is my first dog who I’ve trained with, and he hasn’t always been the easiest. However, he has taught me a lot about motivation, breaking down tasks to smaller pieces, and how to plan our training sessions. He has brought me straight to the deep end of dog sports, and I can’t wait to see what else we’re going to learn together. My particular interest are dog-oriented training methods and focusing on the smallest details.

In addition to all the dog stuff, I love photography and hiking. Especially Finnish Lapland is close to my heart. Hiking is actually what first introduced me to Pomppa products. When sleeping in a tent, the temperature can plummet at night even in summer, so the dog has to be dressed up warmly. Knut actually has worn JumppaPomppa on every night when camping. In addition to hiking and other outdoor activities, Knut needs clothing while waiting in the car during our agility classes. The need for clothing combined with Pomppa’s beautiful products inspired us to apply as a Pompassador!

From the year 2022, I’m hoping for lots of adventures and time together! I’m causiously dreaming about kicking off our competition career, at least when it comes to unofficial competitions. With a teenage dog such as Knut, you just have to go day by day.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming year as a Pompassador!

– Miina and Knut @knutstabij

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Malene ja hänen koira Keela.
Malene & Keela / @keeladventures

Malene & Keela

Hi! We’re Keela and Malene, based in Sønderborg, Denmark! Keela is a four-year-old border collie mix, who is my first own dog, though I’ve grown up with dogs. For me, a dog is a family member and even before I got Keela, I knew I wanted a dog that would be a great companion both for adventures, cuddles on the couch and training of all kinds! I got that and more! As a dog training instructor, I love the behavioral aspect of training and how dogs learn – my focus is always on what’s best for the dogs, so for Keela and I, it’s all about fun and what she enjoys! Luckily, she loves training as much as me. We mainly focus on rally obedience, though we also do nose work and have lots of variety in our training – tricks, standard obedience training and much more.

We’re big on adventures, being in nature and love exploring new places! Hopefully, we’ll be able to go back to the mountains this year – you can follow us on @keeladventures – there are so many places I want to bring her. And though our daily life is very active, one of Keela’s favorite parts of the day is when we cuddle up on the couch – she truly is a snuggle bug, which I love!

I wanted to become a Pompassador because of the quality and looks of the products and because the jackets fit Keela so beautifully! She is a slim girl and jackets are often too wide and big in the chest, but that’s not a problem with Pomppa! The gear is amazing for adventures and training because they in no way hinder her movements, so they can keep her warm and dry and moving comfortably, which is super important for me! So I’m very excited for many more Pomppa adventures!

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Camilla ja hänen koira Simba.
Camilla & Simba / @simbatheparson

Camilla & Simba

Hi everyone,

My name is Camilla and together with my partner I own a 2,5-year-old Parson Russell Terrier called Simba. We live in Helsinki, right next to the Central Park. I work full-time in recruitment and I’m also finishing my studies in Economics. My goal is to graduate by Fall. My everyday life is hectic but there’s always time for Simba. On the other hand, Simba’s days consists of dog sports and other activities that support them. We enjoy our time both at home and on the trails of Central Park.

Simba and I have both fallen in love with agility and we’re finally at the point where we can start competing soon. Exciting times ahead! We’ll first start with jumping courses, and as our skills grow, we’ll be moving on to agility courses. One of the goals for this year is to advance to the next class, and in addition to that, stay healthy. The most important goal for the year 2022 is to have fun and enjoy working together.

As a dog owner, it’s important to me that Simba is well and his usual happy self. I aim to take care of him in the best possible way. Simba loves to relax at home but is always ready to work together. We like heading out to the nature, usually carrying a camera with us. Overall, our daily life is smooth and peaceful.

Simba has not been the easiest first dog when it comes to agility, so we’ve faced a variety of challenges. Working together with Simba has grown me as a dog owner as I’ve had to find methods that work best for us. Now I’ve finally found them. Our journey to this point has been long but educating. I wouldn’t trade a day away and I feel like I’ve got the best dog in the world. It has been a joy to see how his passion for agility has grown and his speed has increased dramatically.

I applied as a Pompassador because Pomppa represents things that are close to my heart. I find it important to take care of my training partner and family member in the best possible way. In addition, it’s important to me to stand behind the products we represent. Pomppa products are high quality with a delightful color range. The color Petrol ended up as our favorite. We already have a few Pomppa products from before and Simba is happy to wear them. I look forward to trying out the new products as well.

I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year has in store for us and it’s great to have you tag along. The year will be exciting and we will be facing new things. You can find us on Instagram @simbatheparson. Our page is a mix of agility and quality photography.

Vuoden 2022 Pompassador lähettiläs Carmen ja hänen koiransa River ja Zoom.
Carmen, River & Zoom / @riveronthego

Carmen, River & Zoom

Hello everyone! I’m Carmen, I’m a photographer and filmmaker. I live in Mallorca, a small island in Spain, along side my two shelties; River and Zoom. I’m currently on my last year of uni studying media production but I have to say my favorite models are my two girls. River is a quarky, funny, hiperactive monkey. She has a huge personality and main character complex. Zoom is possibly the most loving sheltie you’ll ever meet, she loves chilled hikes or whatever you want her to like if there’s food involved.

We love to explore our island and beyond always with a camera in hand, our favorite way to spend time together is discovering new hidden beaches and hiking all the mountains that surround our tiny island. Despite what you might think it gets pretty chilly and humid here on winter and fall months, that’s why we love our Pomppa products and are super excited to try many more. We are always up to new experiences and sports; we run together, hike, do agility and hearding so far. I love the bond you can create with your pet by doing sports together or exploring the world.

This is our little family of 3. I couldn’t be more thankful for them. I hope you fall in love with them just as easily as i did.

You can also find all of our adventure in @riveronthego on instagram.

What a team we have! We’re thrilled to be working with our incredible Pompassadors and follow their adventures throughout the year. Hope you’re as excited as we are! We have so many fun and inspiring antics planned for the upcoming year, so be sure to stay tuned.