The Story of Cosmos

Pomppa makes colorful and vivid dog clothes for your loved one. Everyone will surely notice this Cosmos-design even in the darkest of seasons.

Cosmos pattern, the season’s long-awaited novelty, was born in the hands of illustrator Johanna Rautiainen. The design process of the new pattern was kicked off in the spring of 2021, when the search for a new illustrator began. Johanna’s unique illustration style was a perfect fit for Pomppa’s colorful and playful brand, and so the collaboration was set. The common goal was to create something new, unique and deliciously colorful.

The blazing splashes of color completes the design’s cosmic look.

The inspiration for the design was found from the ever-darkening nights of autumn. – When designing the Cosmos pattern, the idea was to achieve feelings of joy – that the product could bring joy and light around it, even in the dark autumn weather, and make your walk outdoors even more colorful, Johanna says.

Thus the new pattern was born, with it’s blazing splashes of color completing the cosmic look. – Thousands of twinkling stars can be seen forming large colorful areas, like an infinite cosmos. The pattern is designed in a way that in smaller products each individual ball of color is emphasized, while in larger ones you can observe the flow and direction of the whole design, Johanna describes.

The uniqueness of the pattern is also in its diversity, as the placement of colors vary due to the large size of the design. Therefore each Cosmos product is truly a one-of-a-kind.

In the end, the results of the collaboration exceeded all expectations, and the Cosmos pattern was received enthusiastically by the Pomppa community. Expect to see this novelty pattern worn by thousands of dogs all over the world in the next coming years!