RePomppa extends the life of Pomppa products

With the new RePomppa second-hand service, finding a new owner for used Pomppa products is easy and reliable.

In November, we launched a new RePomppa second-hand online service for used Pomppa dog wear. The resale business model is already well-known in the fashion industry and we’re proud to introduce the concept to pet gear as well. With the new second-hand service, finding a new owner for used Pomppa products is easy and safe. Sellers will receive a gift card to the Pomppa online store, and buyers can trust they receive an used yet high quality, clean and undamaged product.

The goal of RePomppa is to extend the life cycle of our existing products, as the quality materials and timeless design ensure them a long life to begin with – this is proven by the fact that Pomppa coats purchased over a decade ago are still in use by our customers! We hope that each Pomppa will be used to the very end of its life cycle, meaning the product may be able to delight more than one four-legged owner in its lifetime.

How does RePomppa work?

  1. The seller ships their used Pomppa product to us free of charge
  2. The used product goes through our inspection process, after which the seller receives a Pomppa gift card as a compensation.
  3. The used product is put up for sale on the RePomppa platform, where it’s eventually purchased by a new owner.

Why replace an old Pomppa with a new one?

There are many reasons to replace a Pomppa coat that’s no longer in use with a new one. For example, puppies are more sensitive to the cold and need additional protection due to their undeveloped fur and mass. On the other hand, puppies also grow quickly, and during one winter season, a puppy can grow out of several dog coats. In this case, we recommend purchasing your puppy’s first coat from the RePomppa selection: when it’s time to change the coat to a bigger one, RePomppa will offer a Pomppa gift card as a compensation for the smaller coat, which can then be used for a new RePomppa coat!

Beside from puppyhood, the dog’s needs can also change with age. An elderly dog could suddenly need some additional warmth even in a light summer rain. In this case replacing an existing SadePomppa with a warmer KevytPomppa through RePomppa is a good idea. Also, if for any reason your Pomppa coat is left without an user, the coat can be sent to the RePomppa service and the received gift card saved for the future, like for a possible new four-legged family member.

Also, the owner’s preferences can change over time. From the RePomppa selection you’re able to find all kinds of Pomppa treasures from the past decade. Replacing an older coat may come into play, if you happen to come across the charming Hippa pattern, or the rare JuhlaPomppa, or any other discontinued color or size.

To celebrate Pomppa’s 7th anniversary, the most unique “JuhlaPomppa” was introduced. This colorful coat is a true collector’s item as only ten coats per size were made. Now you might be able to find all kinds of Pomppa treasures from the RePomppa collection!

RePomppa started from a customer survey

RePomppa was originated from an early 2022 thesis, which researched the profitability of the resale business model in the pet supply industry. The thesis also conducted a survey, which researched Pomppa’s customers and their interests in buying and selling used Pomppa products. More than 70 % of the participants were interested in buying used Pomppas through Pomppa’s online store, so the demand was clear.

According to the survey,  72 % of Pomppa products purchased more than five years ago are still in active use. Pomppa products are thus proven to be more durable and last longer than customers first anticipated, as 80 % of the participants expect their dogwear to last only for 2-5 years. Also, the fact that almost 90 % of the participants believed that their used Pomppa product was still in resaleable condition only speaks for the durability and quality of Pomppa products.

The participants also had previous experience selling used dog products on various online marketplaces. Unlike these general marketplaces, all RePomppa products are carefully curated and their condition is graded by the RePomppa team. Also, all transactions are processed safely through Pomppa’s own online store. The majority of the survey participants saw a lot of potential in second-hand products purchased through Pomppa.

Recycled dogwear supports the circular economy

From the very beginning, the main objective of Pomppa’s operations has been improving the well-being of dogs as well as creating long-lasting products. Even to this day, this is our driving force. As our operations continue to grow, it’s increasingly important for us to pay attention to our impact on the world around us. The textile industry is a leading example of a linear economy and overconsumption, as up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the textile industry. Our sustainability goals aim to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the share of the circular economy in our operations.

By increasing the share of the circular economy, we’re able to directly affect the carbon footprint of our entire value chain. The circular economy rejects the throwaway culture and aims to extend the life cycle of existing products, e.g., by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling. As the life cycle of products extend, the amount of waste decreases, the consumption of raw materials and energy decreases, and the total annual greenhouse gas emissions decrease. We’ve set three primary circular economy goals:

  1. Switching to using only renewable or recycled materials in our products by 2025.
  2. All new products are designed for the circular economy.
  3. Extending the life cycle of our existing products.

The new RePomppa service promotes the circular economy in accordance with our sustainability goals by extending the life cycle of our existing products. The service is thus an important step on our path towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

Where can I read more about RePomppa?

See our current RePomppa selection here. You can always contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding the RePomppa operations. Please note that the RePomppa selection is currently available for purchase only in the countries of the European Union, and that used Pomppa coats are only accepted from Finland.