Pomppa 15 years – The manifestation of Finnish culture

Pomppa products have been placed in a culture-historically meaningful item collection in Finland.

Over the past decade, dog owners have increasingly invested in the well-being of their dogs using the ever-growing range of different products and services. For 15 years, Pomppa has supported this positive change with its own dogwear product range. Now Pomppa’s persistent work has been recognized, as the Turku Museum Centre in Finland has placed Pomppa products in their collection of meaningful cultural history treasures.

Why were Pomppa products placed in the collection?

Sonja Hagelstam, the collection amanuensis at Turku Museum Centre, shares that Turku Museum Centre collects materials related to the everyday life, hobbies, and consumption habits of people. These materials are added to collections which are meant to be preserved for our future generations. These collections also include materials related to household pets from different eras. Currently there’s very little pet-related material in Finnish museums which was one of the reasons why Turku Museum Centre began collecting said items.

In the fall of 2022, Turku Museum Centre ended up collecting 50 different products intended for dogs and cats, four of which were Pomppa coats. Pomppa products were selected for the collection for the following main reasons:

  1. Pomppa is a Finnish company
  2. Pomppa is one of the pioneers in designing functional dogwear
  3. Pomppa has an established position as a designer and manufacturer of dogwear in Finland and abroad.

Over the past 15 years, Pomppa has worked persistently to achieve these goals, so having Pomppa products preserved in the Turku Museum Centres cultural-history collection is seen as a great honor.

Pomppa to last for centuries

According to Hagelstam, museums aim to store materials that portray the events of the cultural, human, and animal life. The Pomppa products placed in the cultural history collection are preserved for future generations as manifestation of our culture. The items are meant to remain in the museum for centuries. Makes you wonder, what will Pomppa products look like in a hundred years?

Now every Pomppa owner is holding a piece of Finnish cultural history!