Meet the Pompassadors 23-24!

The Pomppa brand ambassador aka Pompassador search for the season 23-24 has come to an end and the new team has been assembled! Now it’s time to meet the team!

This season our Pompassador search received a mind-boggling 570 applications from our fans across the globe. This is a record number for us and we want to thank our active & tight-knit community for your endless interest and support!

In the end, a top team of 16 Pompassadors was chosen, each embodying the special bond between dogs and their humans in everything they do. Through inspirational stories, authentic everyday life and undeniable talent, our new Pompassadors have managed to build worldwide communities, all with one thing in common: love for dogs and their wellbeing. 

This year Pomppa is represented by a team that comes from 9 different countries, with 11 different dog breeds plus 5 mixed breeds in the Pompassador pack 🐾❤️ Without further ado, we proudly present the Pompassadors for season 23-24! As our team has gotten bigger than ever this year, you can also try navigating the introductions from the table of contents below.


Sofie, Iso & Beta / @sofietjemsland

My name is Sofie, I’m 26 years old and I live in Norway together with my boyfriend Sander. We have two shelties, named Iso & Beta. I love to spend time hiking with my dogs, mountain hikes are our favorite. But due to illness we haven’t been on any mountain hikes this year. We are also very active in agility, and love to compete. We also focus a lot on strength, coordination and body awareness training. As a dog owner I focus a lot on teamwork and having a good connection with my dogs. I want us to be a team and have fun together.

On my instagram, @sofietjemsland I mostly post about my dogs, everything from hiking to agility. We will soon travel to Norwegian Open to compete in agility. We will maybe also go on a local competition this year, but will use the rest of the season to prepare for next year. In 2024 I will finally be able to join the tryouts. The last time I signed up for tryouts my dog got very sick the day before tryouts began, and unfortunately I had to let her go later that year due to illness. Kira was the dog of my dreams, and I still think about her everyday. But at least I have Iso & Beta in my life who I can share my passion with.

I wanted to become a Pompassador because I have heard a lot of great things about Pomppa. They are of great quality and fit my dogs so well. They also allow my dogs to move freely, which is perfect for our active lifestyle.

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Laura, Karma & Isla / @xirgram

Hey everyone!

My name is Laura and I live in northern Finland in a city called Oulu. I’m the luckiest to share my life with 2 beautiful girls, senior sheltie Isla and border collie youngster Karma.

Karma is 1.5 years border collie who is such a little superstar despite her young age. She is one happy girl who LOVES people and other dogs, loves to play and is always ready for whatever you want to do. She is super smart and fast learner, both in good and bad. 🤭 She knows quite big variety of dog tricks already now and the list keeps going each month!  Karma is full of action when you need to and then she can collect herself when it is time for it. Of course, like with many teenagers, we are going through some growing stages but I can see her growing into such lovely adult. Karma is wonderful ‘little’ adventuring partner, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! 

Isla, soon to be 11 years young, is our fluffy little mascot of the family who is enjoying her senior dog life full of cuddles and long naps. Though there’s no often telling she is already as old as she is, and many people often get surprised by her age. She is energetic, happy, loud and quite willing to do whatever you just ask, especially if treats are involved! 😌 Over the years she has got more sensitive to rough weather changes and also she needs much more time to recover from adventures. So we take it adventure at a time in small pieces and enjoy the ride as we can. 🧡

In our free time, we love to spend time in the nature; in winter it means beautiful and cold winter wonderland walks and in summer we get to swim in beautiful lakes and ocean. In the past I have tried various dog sports but agility has remained as my passion for a long time now. Though before Karma joined our family, I had several years break from it. And now I feel truly blessed to be able to return to agility again after years and I have loved every moment in it with her. It is such a joy to see her enjoy it as much as I do, and I am happy that we can continue making the bond stronger between us and have good time training together. I have hopes that we will be seen in competitions in the future, but as she is still so young, only time will tell where we will eventually end up. 

Alongside of the training with my girls, another passion of mine is photography. 📷 I fell in love with it because of my girls and it has remained one of my dearest hobbies through several years. There’s nothing better than being able to capture those memories together and that’s also the reason why I started our Instagram account back in the day. I have loved to have a place to share pictures and videos of our daily life as a whole; training, adventures and of course, the ups and downs of owning cheeky Border collie teenager. 🤭

As we live in Finland, the weather changes here between the seasons can be quite rough. Our springs and autumns are wet (very wet!), and winters near the ocean are windy and cold. Over the years I have started to value dogs’ outdoors gear. Good quality gear what can hold against our weather changes. And there’s no day when we wouldn’t go out, so the gear what we are wearing plays such big part on our daily activities.  We want to be able to stay dry and warm when having the best time outside. And as we are involved in intense dog sport like agility, mid layers and coats play such important part on preventing injuries. We got our first Pomppa winter jacket over 10 years ago, and ever since I have loved the brand. I absolutely adore their company’s values and practical coat designs, which keeps my girls comfortable in every situation. No matter if it’s cold winter wonderland walk or super muddy autumn, Pomppa got us covered. 🙌🏻 I love how well-fitting the coats are, and as the gear looks fabulous and stylish as well, that’s a huge plus! ✨

I’m so excited to be part of the Pomppa team this year and can’t wait to share more of our Pomppa adventures on the upcoming season. You can follow them on our Instagram @xirgram.

🩷: Laura, Karma & Isla

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Mandy, Faya & Lynn / @two.adventure.tails

Hello! My name is Mandy, soon to be 28, dog loving, photographing adventurer. I’m living in the Netherlands, in a small town close to the coast. In daily life I am a photographer and also edit photos for other photographers. Together with the dogs our main goal in life is to have fun :D. To achieve this goal we do dog sports, go on long hikes and explore new places. 

Faya and I are really active in dog sports. Our main focus is agility, we both fell in love with the sport about 3 years ago and we have grown so much since. We are training weekly and soon we will be ready for second grade competitions (we have 3 grades in the Netherlands). We are also active in frisbee, but not as much as agility. We are currently not competing in frisbee, but next year we will probably do 1 or 2, just for fun. 

Lynn is here to enjoy life and explore new places. She has her own history which I don’t know anything about sadly. At this moment she is 9 years old, at which I decided not to start any dog sports with her. She gets her weekly time with me and we do little exercises. 

Our Instagram is mostly about our daily life, adventures and dog sports. We like to include training beside sports as well as the importance of good food every now and then. As a sporting pet owner I think the most important thing for us is to have fun, and know that our dogs will do everything for us, even though sometimes it’s not the thing we want. So this is something you can also see or read on my Instagram. You can follow us at @two.adventure.tails. 

For the rest of 2023 we will mainly focus on having even more fun, training my foster dog, making Faya ready for grade 2 which we will hopefully start in the spring of 2024. We also are having a holiday to Scandinavia in 2024 and I can’t wait for that either :D. 

We applied for Pomppa because I think we are a perfect little team for the brand. Lynn is older and is needing a jacket, mostly in the winter. For Faya it’s important to keep the muscles warm after dog sports and I think that Pomppa is the best possible brand to give us what we need. I am looking forward to spreading the word of these amazing, good looking, quality jackets. I am so ready for season 23-24! 

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Tiia & Hugo / @tiiavoitto

We are Tiia and Hugo from Kuopio, Finland. I am a medical student and have been a social media influencer since 2010. One-year-old jack russel terrier Hugo is my very first dog. He is super energetic and always ready for adventures. We have fallen in love with agility and other dog sports, such as nosework and rally-o. Our journey into agility and other dog sports has not only been a fantastic way to keep Hugo physically and mentally active but has also strengthened our connection. 

I am already dreaming of a second dog, but maybe it’s a good idea to wait for Hugo to grow up🤭

It is important for me to use modern dog training methods based on positive reinforcement. My passion is to learn more about dog training, the innate behavior of dogs, and to become the best and fairest owner for my dog. Especially on TikTok @hugo.koiruli I love to share different enrichment ideas for dogs. On Instagram @tiiavoitto you can follow our normal everyday life. Sharing our experiences on TikTok and Instagram has been a joy. It’s wonderful to connect with other dog lovers🥰

In the next year our main goals are to continue improving in agility and of course to keep Hugo healthy.

I wanted to become a Pompassador because I want to support a local Finnish dog brand, but also because Pomppa’s coats are the only ones Hugo likes.

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Bella & Nemo / @myrussiantoynemo

Who are you and where are you from?
Hello! My name is Bella I am a 26-year-old student and I have a soon to be 5-year-old Russian toy male named Nemo! We are from Stockholm Sweden 😀 

How do you spend your spare time with your pet?
We train mostly agility and dabble into some nose-work and rally-obedience. We like to hike, explore nature and to travel together, Nemo has already visited 12 countries! 

Your values and passions as a pet owner?
I value to spend quality time, to do things we both enjoy and to give him the best possible life that I can! Nemo is like an extension of myself, he is always by my side, always ready for an adventure together to explore this life we have! 

What kind of content does your social media page have?
I started my social media page because I wanted to share that small dogs can do anything! I wanted to inspire owners to go and be active with their dogs regardless of their size and that despite being only 2.1 kg Nemo is very capable of doing all sorts of things, swimming, hiking, going skiing, training agility and much more! On social media I want to show a curated everyday life that is sometimes not so glamorous as well as trainings, inspiring sentiments, hikes and to inspire people to go have fun with their dogs! 

 Any plans or goals for the years 2023-2024?
Our plans together for 2023-2024 is to keep on training agility and to explore some new places together! Our goal is to try to car camp somewhere in the wilderness and hopefully (without jinxing anything!) to add a new little family member in 2024! 

Why did you want to become a Pompassador?
I have loved Pomppa since I found out about them in 2019. The slender fit and the incredible quality drew me to the brand and Nemo got his first Pomppa Jumppa, when he was only about 6 months old. Since then, the love for the brand only grew and my spoiled little boy already had 5 items in his closet from Pomppa before we became ambassadors! I truly love the brand, I support and stand behind their message 100% and I value the diversity of the Pomppa items, especially for a dog like Nemo who needs clothing (since the breed only has a single layered coat) it’s so nice to be able to change the jumpers and coats in every season! I honestly use the items all year round 😀 

What are you looking forward to as a Pompassador?
I am looking forward to sharing my joy and love for the Pomppa brand, and to show a tiny dog, and how well the clothing fits and moves on him. I hope to create some content for the brand that they can hopefully use in the future to showcase their products on a really teeny tiny dog! I also of course look forward to having an amazing year of sharing creative ideas and inspiring content with my fellow Pompassadors 

I am very excited for this year ahead! 

Feel free to follow us @myrussiantoynemo on Instagram and @Bellaandnemo on TikTok and YouTube

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Julia & Onni / @onnigolden

Hello fellow pomppaddicts! We are Julia & Onni and we live in the suburbs of Finland’s capital, Helsinki. With my partner Aimo we capture and share our little family’s daily life and adventures on Instagram & Tiktok (@onnigolden). Our mission is to spread smiles and pawsitivity to the community around us.

Onni is our first dog and quite literally the best thing that has ever happened to us. He is the sweetest, goofiest, most lovable golden boy and not a day goes by that he doesn’t manage to make us laugh with his shenanigans. Onni is still only 1,5 years old, so our days consist of the hilariously dramatic ups and downs of life with a teenager, but it has been amazing to watch him slowly grow into a very well-behaving young man. He’s capturing hearts everywhere we go – which is why we decided to start sharing our journey online, as well.

Our hobbies at the moment include Obedience training and Rally-o, but there is a bunch of stuff we are interested in and would love to explore more, like nosework and agility, for example. Maybe someday we’ll even end up trying out dog shows, who knows! Doing things together with Onni, trying out new hobbies and seeing him get all excited when he gets to learn and stay active and focused, is honestly just one of the best things I know!

In our free time we like to go on hikes and just simply enjoy the outdoors, as well as do photoshoots together. During the summer we spend time at our summer cottage and go paddle boarding – this, however, is still a work in progress as Onni, being a classical retriever, loves the lake so much that finding the patience to stay on the board is a real struggle for him.

Our dream is to travel and adventure together with Onni around Finland and Europe, and currently we are exploring different options and planning a possible road-trip for next year if everything goes well! 

It’s important for us to be able to support and represent Finnish companies that share the same core values that we do, so as Pompassadors we are very excited and honoured to get to spread the Pomppa joy around us! Let’s go!

<3: Julia & Onni

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Miranda & Luuk / @exploringshelties

Hello Pomppa friends!

My name is Miranda, I am 23 years old and live in a little town in the north of the Netherlands. As of right now I work in a garden center and am still trying to figure out what job I want to do in the long run. For sure something with dogs, because they are my biggest passion! I love everything around and involving them. I still live at home with my parents and we have a life filled with animals. Although there are 2 dogs and 3 cats living at our place there is only one truly mine. A fluffy active boy named Luuk. He is a 2 year old tricolor Shetland Sheepdog. He is a happy dog who loves to do and wants to try out anything I like to do. I think it’s important to give my dog a fulfilled and balanced life. Enriching it with being outdoors and doing sports/hobbies that’s suitable for the breed. 

My family owns a horse stable with 8 horses. We often spent our mornings there. Luuk loves being at the stables and the open fields. He loves running and chasing toys! Besides being at the stables, we love to spend our free time outside and exploring basically everything; the woods, beaches, cities and other dog-friendly places. 

We started doing agility about a year ago. I have had a love for the sport ever since I was a teenager. Luuk is my second Sheltie, but the first one I can try agility with. We both really love doing it. We recently had our first competition and hope to do more in 2024. I love nature and of course photographing Luuk! Another hobby of mine is traveling. Ever since I was young I dreamed of seeing more of the world. I converted a VW Transporter into a van. Luuk loves being in the van and on the road together. I hope we can go on many adventurous trips together in 2023/2024 and the years to come. I also hope to do more tricktraining and start with step/bikejöring. 

On my Instagram, @exploringshelties, you can follow us through our daily life. We share all aspects of our life together; my photography, being outdoors, adventuring together, doing agility and traveling in our self-converted van. But I also share our calmer and easier rest days. I think big adventures should be balanced with rest days. I also often share the struggles I have with owning a herding breed, because let’s be real; owning a dog is not always rainbows and sunshines and I believe we should be open about that. Sharing the perfect life and perfect picture is not everything. 

We applied to be a Pompassador because we genuinely love the brand and everything they stand for. What I love most about the Pomppa coats is that they are really easy to put on and off and do not limit the dogs movements in any way. I love the big variations in colors, there’s always a suitable color. Our favorite is the SadePomppa, we often have rain in the Netherlands, but the temperatures don’t get super low. Since Luuk is already fluffy he doesn’t get cold easily, so the unlined Sade is perfect for our lifestyle! I look forward to spreading more knowledge about Pomppa in our country and around the world. I also look forward to brainstorming about new ideas to expand the brand even further!

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Arleen & Poppy / @professorpoppythedog

Greetings from sunny Southern California,

My name is Arleen and my dog is Poppy, a 7-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier and Boxer mix. My husband and I adopted Poppy from a shelter in Los Angeles, where she was found homeless and roaming around the streets. When we first adopted Poppy she was a very sick and scared dog. Since then, we have taken her on many adventures and our time spent together in nature, along with the time we have spent together training, have really allowed her to blossom into a confident and happy dog.

Poppy loves backpacking, hiking, and swimming with us. One of my goals this year is to camp once a month with Poppy. We also currently compete in barn hunt and trailing and locating, and in the past we have trained in agility and rally obedience. Right now we are working on earning Poppy’s Master title in Barn Hunt. In addition, Poppy loves doing tricks and she knows over 50 different cues and commands. She is very food motivated and teaching her has been easy because she loves getting rewarded for her good work. Check out our social media account @professorpoppythedog if you would like to see content of us on our adventures and training in various contexts. I also love photography and occasionally share tips for aspiring photographers on our account.

We hope to inspire people to spend more time with their dogs, train with their dogs, and enjoy more time together in nature. We love how Pomppa creates functional, top-quality gear that makes these activities possible! One of the things we love the most about Pomppa is how they care for the planet and sustainability, and we want to support companies that strive to make the world a better place now and for future generations.



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Philomela, Frieda, Pebbles, Ninchi & Yuyu / @philomela_s

Hi, I’m Philomela and this is my crew. Frieda, 11 years old, Sheltie, Pebbles, 8 years old, Mini Aussie, Ninchi, 5 years old, Pebbles daughter and also a Mini Aussie and Yuyu, 2 years old, Chinese crested powder puff. Together, we’re working as a therapeutic team with kids of all ages. We also love to travel, do tricks, take photos and model. We’re looking forward to taking you along in our adventure 🙂

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Krista, Veeti, Papu & Suffeli / @paputhefloofer / 📸 Anniina Heikkinen

Hi there! My name is Krista and I live in Kuopio, Finland with my partner Veeti and two Miniature American Shepherds Papu & Suffeli.

Papu is soon-to-be two years old goofy, energetic and mommy’s golden boy. Papu and I have both fallen in love with agility! Unfortunately, Papu was recently diagnosed with iris-melanoma, so only time can tell if we can continue practicing. Papu’s eye has undergone two surgeries already and next step would be removing the eye if there is still growth of melanoma in the eye. Despite all that Papu loooves to play all day long, but underneath all that massive energy, Papu loves also to be close and cuddle. Suffeli is almost one year old crazy teenage wigglebutt. He is sensitive, happy and always ready for new adventures with a wagging tail! The boys are best friends with each other and the relationship between them is wonderful to watch.

Our daily basic includes lots of cuddles (obviously), walks in the city, running like crazy in the forest, agility and other training sessions at home. Papu used to train also Rally-O, but we wanted to focus all of our time and energy on agility, so now we teach basics of Rally-O to Suffeli at home.

One of my hobbies is photography so on our Instagram @paputhefloofer you can see pictures what I have captured on our adventures. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to photograph dogs other than my own! I also share our daily basics, health stuff concerning the iris-melanoma and allergies, lots of cuddles and agility.

I wanted to become a Pompassador because first of all Pomppa as a brand represents values that are close to my heart and that’s important to me. Secondly, I just love the products. We have had Pomppa coats for years and I really like how they fit and don’t limit dog’s movement in any way. Also, the designs are timeless.

The well-being of dogs is really important to me and especially with active dogs the muscles must be kept warm before training or running like crazy in the forest to prevent injuries. In these situations, it’s essential for my dogs to have some good gear on.

You can follow our daily adventures on Instagram @paputhefloofer and on TikTok under the same username!

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Matilda, Lucy & Euca / @luireagility / 📸 Sonja Löfgren

Hi everyone!

I’m Matilda, a 17-year old dog owner from southern Finland. To my pack belongs two miniature schnauzers and a sheltie puppy. Toro is a seven-year old, already retired male who nowadays enjoys his life as a family dog. Lucy is a four-year old female and the only competing dog in our pack at the moment. She loves anything that we do together and is always ready for a new adventure. Euca is a six months-old puppy and still learning basic stuff that he needs in everyday life. I’m hoping for him to grow up to be a loyal companion for me in sports as well as everyday life. 

To our passions belong traveling, photography and different dogsports. We love to spend time in the nature and we’re lucky to be surrounded by it, in a country with lots of forest. Our hobbies involve dog shows, rally-obedience, hiking and occasionally canicross or skijoring. Agility is however our main sport which has taken us on many amazing trips this year. We have participated in the world championships for junior aged agility handlers and gotten great results in national competitions as well. 

My dogs mean the world to me and I want to take the best possible care of them. Being sport dogs means that their bodies are under a lot of strain. Good coats help with keeping their muscles warm and flexible under long competition and training days.

We are so happy to be a part of the Pompassador team! You can find us on instagram under the name @luireagility.

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Michelle, Mylo, Emily, Nisha & Jule / @livingwithcrazydogs

My name is Michelle and I‘m from Germany near Hamburg. I have 4 dogs. Mylo, a 8,5 year old Bolonkamix who lives as a familydog and spents lot of time at my parents house. With him I discovered my passion for Agility in 2016. Emily, a 5 year old rescue from Romania who loves Tricks and RallyO. Nisha, a 2 year old Hungarian Mudi and Jule an one year old Malinois, rescued from an outdoor kennel near my home.

Besides various sports, we like to go camping, discover new places and enjoy challenging hikes. I work in a dog boarding facility, where my dogs get to spend time in doggroups. I try to make every day a good day for me and my dogs and to give them the best life. We share our every day life on Instagram @livingwithcrazydogs, our training, my work, the dogs we board and how it is to live with a dog with hip dysplasia (Emily) and my sportdogs. My goals for the next year are to run my first agility competition with Nisha and for Jule to get the qualification to start competitions.

I wanted to become a Pompassador for many years and I’m so happy that I was chosen this year. I love the brand, the design + function of the coats and all the colours. We’ve used Jumppas, a Perus for the smallest Mylo, and Sades for Emily and Nisha for the past years.

I‘m so ready for this season!

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Ananda, Lili & Marie / @lili_thecarameldog

Welcome Pomppa Friends!

My name is Ananda, I’m Brazilian living in Luxembourg, I have a degree in administration and I have been passionate about animals since I was a child. I’m a mother of 2 wonderful mixed breed dogs, Lili, 4 years old and Marie, 3.5 years old.

My husband and I decided to adopt Lili in 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and it was the best decision we made. She was very scared of noises, people and dogs and with her we learned the meaning of what love can do when giving due care and affection to those in need. From her I learned what it means to be a pet mother, how to take the best care of your dog and that a life without a dog is not worth it.

After 1 year, we decided to adopt the second dog and Marie appeared on the Instagram of an NGO that I helped and I was enchanted by her. We did a first test in a park to see if Lili felt comfortable with Marie’s presence and then we took her home. The first few days were more complicated, but with time and training they got used to it and today they can’t live without each other’s company.

Our goal in life is to enjoy every second with our dogs and give them the best life possible. We are passionate about nature and love traveling to discover and explore new places, especially if there are trails and beaches. What I love most about being their mom is the connection and bond we create after discovering this passion for traveling. And the most incredible thing is that they taught me to enjoy hiking, something I didn’t used to do before..

For 2024 we want more and more adventures together, lots of photos in incredible places around the world and for them to be able to enjoy life as much as I do.

We wanted to be Pompassadors, because it is an inspiring brand, which has the same goals as us, to enjoy life by taking the best care of your pet and the environment, in addition to the products being stylish and perfect for all types of dogs and for all seasons. I’m excited to show all of Pomppa’s wonderful products around the world and you’re invited to follow our daily lives on Instagram @lili_thecarameldog.

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Aranka, Noa & Tiki / @dutchaussiegirls

Hi there!

My name is Aranka Hottentot I am a 24 years old and live in the Netherlands 🇳🇱!

I absolutely love being a dog mom. 5,5 years ago we took noa into our home. I needed a best friend, but most importantly I needed a friend who made me go outside. Noa is my soul dog, got her when I definitely needed it more than anything in the world. I love having active dogs and to be busy with them. Whether it’s just walking, playing frisbee, cuddling or anything else, my two girls are always by my side 🥰!

We share our daily life but also want to keep things real. It’s okay that not everything goes as planned and sometimes you have a miss step. Also we love to share our trainings sessions and inspire people to go out there with their best friends.

We wanted to become an pompassador to show people how amazing their products are. And how useful it can be even if your dogs breed isn’t required to wear it. I hope to inspire loads of you to see that a coat or sweater isn’t some trendy thing but I can help your dog in various ways!

Keep an eye on our profile to see our reasons why we love to wear pomppa!

Stay active,
Aranka 🥏

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Lana, Jessy & Flame / @bordercollie_girlpower

We are Lana, Jessy and Flame aka @bordercollie_girlpower. We live in suburbs of Copenhagen.

Jessy is 11,5 year old black tri color border collie born in Norway. She is fully enjoying senior dog life. Jessy’s hobbies include beach walks, playing with small ‘sister’ and keeping control over whole family. Her favourite sport has always been frisbee, which she still loves most. Flame is 4 year old brown tri color border collie born in Denmark. Flame is a charming girl who loves the whole world. Her speciality is tricks, she is also good in nosework. Now she takes first steps in rally obedience.

Both girls absolutely love being photo models, camera is with us everywhere, from morning walk in local forest to big road trip to foreign countries. You can see all our adventures on instagram page mentioned above.

We have known Pomppa for some years, but never owned anything, so when ad popped up, decision was taken immediately «We apply!»

For us this brand means long-lasting quality and timeless style. Their dog gear is also recognizable, we could see that many of our dog friends have Pomppa’s fleece sweaters, raincoats and wintercoats. Being Pompassador we want to show our followers & friends what big range of products they can use for whatever need their dog might have.

We are looking forward to being a part of Pomppa’s family and feel so welcome.

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Laura & Orla / @_exploringthewild_

Hello 👋🏼
I’m Laura (29) and Orla is my 2 year old golden retriever. We live in the English countryside in a small county called Shropshire, surrounded by rolling hills and sheep galore 🐑

Golden retriever by name, golden retriever by nature! Orla is sassy but also a serious goofball! 🤪 She absolutely adores people, and will seek out a fuss from whomever she can. And although her favourite thing is to be in the great outdoors, shes also rather lazy. You can often find her sprawled across my lap on the sofa having a snooze 💤

Myself and my partner Adam both work as radiographers in the NHS, which sadly takes up a lot of our time. That’s why it’s so important to us to make the most of what free time we have. We love nothing more than being in nature and exploring new places around the UK. Whether that’s hiking a mountain, strolling along a sandy beach or trekking through an orange leafed woodland. Of course with Orla in tow!

Being lovers of the outdoors whatever the weather (England is very wet 😂☔️) means having good quality dog gear is extremely important to us, That’s why we love Pomppa! Functional and fun the coats are perfect for any adventure.

I’ve developed a real passion for photography, capturing all the stunning places we visit and the special moments we share. You can find them over on Instagram @_exploringthewild_

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What an incredible team we have!

This Pompassador season is going to be EPIC and we hope you are ready to join the fun 😍🎉 Be sure to follow our Pompassadors on social media to take part in giveaways, discount code campaigns, and other fun activities during the season!