JumppaPomppa is a highly elastic and versatile dog sweater. The combination of soft fleece and water-repellent thermal tricot is suitable for year-round use.


JumppaPomppa is a warm and versatile fleece shirt for year-round use. The upper part is made of anti-static and highly elastic fleece, which make the shirt easy to put on. The under side is made of water-repellent thermal tricot, which protects the dog’s abdomen and chest.

The form-fitting design conforms to the dog’s movement and stays perfectly on even at full speed, while protecting the dog’s back, neck, abdomen and rear end efficiently. JumppaPomppa is very widely used in dog sports and training, as it’s crucial to keep the dog’s muscles warm during and in-between performances.

JumppaPomppa can be used individually as a warm shirt, or as an extra insulation under a Pomppa coat. The light materials allow the shirt to pack up small, so it’s easy to carry along for all kinds of adventures.

  • Highly elastic materials on upper part
  • Underside is made of thermal tricot
  • Form-fitting design stays on even at full speed
  • Full protection without restriction of movement
  • No zips, straps or buckles

Choosing the right size ensures the best possible protection against the elements. Correctly sized coat protects the large muscle groups and stays perfectly on without restricting the dog’s natural movement.

The Pomppa sizes correspond directly to the dog’s back length in centimeters, which means the correct size is chosen by measuring the dog’s back length. However, depending on the dog’s proportions, the thickness of the dog’s fur, or the intended use of the product, the correct size may be a size larger or smaller than what the back length indicates. If you have trouble deciding between two sizes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. BACK – The back length is measured from the neck to the base of the tail. Start measuring from the meeting point of the neck and back.
  2. NECK – The neck circumference is measured from the same point as the back length. This measure is only relevant when choosing JumppaPomppa.
  3. CHEST   The chest circumference is measured from the widest point of the chest.
  4. WAIST – The waist circumference is measured from the narrowest part of the dog’s abdomen.

• Upper part: 100 % polyester
• Under part: 88 % polyester, 12 % elastane

Care instructions
• Machine wash 30 C
• Do not use fabric softener
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not iron
• Do not bleach
• Wash with similar colors

Country of origin: China