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SadePomppa is a durable and lightweight raincoat for year-round use. The waterproof shell fabric and thin lining are made to withstand anything from drizzle to downpour! Read more…

Note, this product doesn’t have a harness opening, the coat with the harness opening can be found here.

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SadePomppa is a dog raincoat for year-round use. The waterproof and durable shell fabric protects the dog from rain, wind and dirt. The lining is made of smooth anti-static material which repels dog hair and debris.

The thin, non-insulated raincoat works as an all-purpose coat for dogs with thick fur. For cold-sensitive dogs, SadePomppa works better as a raincoat for warmer weather. The unique design ensures that the coat protects the dog’s back, neck, abdomen, and rear end without restricting their natural movement. Also, the simple design guarantees a good fit for all types of dogs, and is quick and easy to put on.

SadePomppa can be used individually as a raincoat, but it also works as an excellent shell jacket over a thermal layer, like JumppaPomppa. The light materials allow the coat to pack up small, so it’s easy to carry along for all kinds of adventures.

✔ Non-insulated and lightweight raincoat
✔ Silky-smooth lining repels dog hair and debris
✔ Full protection without restriction of movement
✔ Simple yet unique design is easy to put on
✔ Works as a shell jacket over JumppaPomppa

The size of Pomppa coats correspond directly to the dog’s back length in centimeters, which means the correct size is chosen by measuring the dog’s back length. However, depending on the dog’s proportions, the thickness of the dog’s fur, or the intended use of the product, the correct size may be size larger or smaller than what the back length indicates.

The units in the size chart are min and max measurements of the product. Note that due to the thickness of the materials, the coat’s waist measurement is recommended to be slightly larger than the dog’s waist circumference in order for the coat to sit comfortable on the dog. Depending on the dog’s proportions, the belt doesn’t necessarily set on the narrowest part of the dog’s waist.

The picture shows where the measurements are taken. When measuring a thick-furred dog, be sure to leave extra room for the fur.If you have trouble deciding between two sizes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kuvallinen ohjeistus Pompan koiran takkien mittaukseen.
  1. BACK – The back length is measured from the neck to the base of the tail. Start measuring from the meeting point of the neck and back.
  2. CHEST –The chest circumference is measured from the widest point of the chest.
  3. WAIST – The waist circumference is measured from the narrowest part of the dog’s abdomen

Here you can find our size recommendations for each dog breed. Please note that these are only approximate sizes. Your dog’s actual size may differ from the recommended size.


Afghan Hound60 65 70
Airedale Terrier48 52 56
Alaskan Malamute60 65 70
American Cockerspaniel37 40 44
American Hairless Terrier34 37 40
American Staffordshire Terrier48 52 56
Appenzeller Mountain Dog52 56
Australian Cattle Dog48 52
Australian Kelpie44 48 52
Australian Shepherd52 56 60
Australian terrier34 37 40
Barbet56 60
Basenji34 37 40
Basset Hound52 56 60
Beagle40 44 48
Bearded Collie56 60
Beauceron65 70
Bedlington Terrier40 44 48
Belgian Shepherd56 60 65
Bernese Mountain Dog65 70 75
Bichon Frise31 34 37
Bolognese28 31 34
Border Collie48 52 56
Border Terrier34 37
Boxer48 52 56
Bracco Italiano56 60
Brazilian Terrier34 37 40
Brittany44 48
Bull Terrier44 48 52
Bullmastiff65 70 75
Cairn Terrier31 34 37
Chesapeake Bay Retriever52 56 60
Chihuahua25 28 31
Chinese Crested Dog31 34
Cocker Spaniel40 44 48
Collie (rough)56 60
Collie (smooth)56 60
Coton de tuléar34 37
Curly Coated Retriever56 60 65
Dachshund (Miniature)37 40 44
Dachshund (Standard)40 44 48
Dalmatian56 60
Danish–Swedish Farmdog34 37 40
Doberman60 65
Drever44 48 52
Dutch Sheepdog48 52
Dutch Shepherd52 56
East Siberian Laika56 60
English Pointer52 56 60
English setter56 60 65
English Springer Spaniel48 52 56
English Toy Terrier28 31 34
Eurasier52 56 60
Field Spaniel44 48 52
Finnish Hound52 56
Finnish Lapphund44 48 52
Finnish Spitz44 48 52
Flat-Coated Retriever56 60 65
Foxterrier34 37 40
German Pointer56 60 65
German Shepherd65 70 75
Giant Schnauzer60 65
Golden retriever56 60 65
Gordon Setter60 65
Great Dane70 75 80
Greyhound65 70
Havanese31 34 37
Hovawart60 65 70
Icelandic Sheepdog40 44 48
Irish Setter56 60 65
Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier44 48 52
Irish Terrier40 44 48
Irish Water Spaniel52 56 60
Irish Wolfhound75 80 85
Italian Greyhound31 34 37
Jack Russell Terrier31 34 37
Jagdterrier34 37
Jämthund52 56 60
Karelian Bear Dog52 56 60
Kerry Blue Terrier40 44 48
Kleinspitz28 31
Kooikerhondje40 44 48
Kromfohrländer40 44 48
Labrador Retriever56 60
Lagotto Romagnolo40 44 48
Lakeland Terrier34 37 40
Lancashire Heeler34 37 40
Landseer70 75 80
Lapponian Herder48 52 56
Leonberger75 80 85
Lhasa Apso34 37
Maltese25 28 31
Manchester Terrier34 37
Miniature American Shepherd40 44 48
Miniature Bull Terrier34 37
Miniature Pinscher25 28 31
Miniature Schnauzer31 34 37
Mittelspitz34 37
Mudi44 48 52
Newfoundland65 70 75
Norfolk Terrier31 34
Norrbottenspets44 48
Norwegian Elkhound48 52
Norwegian Lundehund31 34 37
Norwich Terrier31 34
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever48 52 56
Old English Sheepdog60 65
Papillon25 28 31
Parson Russel Terrier31 34 37
Peruvian Hairless Dog (large)44 48 52
Peruvian Hairless Dog (medium)40 44
Peruvian Hairless Dog (small)31 34 37
Phalène25 28 31
Pharaoh Hound52 56
Pinscher37 40 44
Pomeranian25 28 31
Poodle (medium)37 40
Poodle (miniature)31 34 37
Poodle (standard)52 56 60
Portuguese Water Dog48 52 56
Pumi40 44 48
Pyrenean Sheepdog44 48 52
Rhodesian Ridgeback60 65 70
Rottweiler65 70
Russian Toy25 28 31
Saint Bernard75 80 85
Saluki56 60
Samojedi52 56 60
Schipperke28 31 34
Scottish Terrier34 37 40
Shar pei48 52
Shetland Sheepdog34 37 40
Shiba37 40 44
Shih tzu31 34
Siberian Husky56 60
Silky Terrier25 28 31
Spanish Water Dog44 48 52
Stabyhoun52 56
Staffordshire bull terrier40 44 48
Standard Schnauzer40 44 48
Swedish Vallhund37 40 44
Tibetan Spaniel31 34 37
Tibetan Terrier34 37 40
Vizsla52 56 60
Weimaraner60 65
Welsh Corgi Cardigan48 52 56
Welsh Corgi Pembroke44 48 52
Welsh Springer Spaniel48 52 56
West Highland White Terrier31 34 37
Whippet48 52
White Swiss Shepherd Dog65 70
Yorkshire terrier25 28 31

• Shell fabric: 100 % recycled polyester
• Shell fabric water resistance: 5 000 mm
• Shell fabric has water repellent treatment
• Lining: 58 % nylon, 42 % recycled nylon

Note! Starting from season 22-23, SadePomppa has new recycled materials. However, there are still individual products with 100 % virgin materials left in our warehouse. The appearance and functionality of these materials are perfectly equal.

Care instructions

• Machine wash 30 C
• Do not use fabric softener
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not iron
• Do not bleach
• Wash with similar colors

Country of origin
Shell: Taiwan
Lining: Taiwan
Manufacturing: China

The delivery time displayed is calculated based on the date when the courier picks up the order from our warehouse. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing your order.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please don't hesitate to contact

CountryDelivery MethodDelivery timeDelivery price
FinlandDB Schenker Pickup Point
Posti Postal Parcel
Posti Small Parcel
1-3 workdays4,90 €
6,90 €
5,60 €
Estonia, Latvia,
Posti Parcel Baltic1-3 workdays6,90 €
DHL Express
1-3 workdays13,13 €
25,50 €
Other EU countriesGLS
DHL Express
3-5 workdays
1-3 workdays
12,90 €
24,90 €
DHL Express
1-3 workdays24,90 €
UKDHL Express1-3 workdays29,90 €
USA & CanadaDHL Express2-4 workdays34,90 €
InternationalDHL Express2-4 workdays39,90 €

Please note, international customers outside the EU countries are responsible for payment of all applicable duties, taxes, and other fees. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

The prices shown in the table may vary slightly due to the country's VAT percentage.

17 reviews for SadePomppa

  1. Elin lindberg

    An amazing raincoat! It fits perfectly and looks so good!

  2. Elena

    Very nice light raincoat that can be used even during summer storms, easy to put on!

  3. Milou

    Very light and fits perfectly!

  4. Elli

    We use the sade for our daily walks on rainy days (there were very much this year so far) and love it! Good fit and very good looking.

  5. Miranda

    We have the SadePomppa and really love it! In the Netherlands it rains a lot and my Sheltie doesn’t really like the rain. But with his SadePomppa on he barely cares anymore. I love how light weight the coat is. And how easy it is to put on. I also really like that it’s not too warm, because we have a lot of rain when it’s not cold. Even though my Sheltie has a lot of fur, this isn’t too warm for him. Another plus it’s that it’s super easy to fold and take with you in a bag.

  6. Petra

    This raincoat is just awesome! Very light-weighted, easy to pack and keep in a backpack. I love this feature so much! It fits my dog perfectly. When it’s raining, it keeps my dog dry and comfortable. It protects not just from rain, but also wind and mud. My dog loves it and is very happy that we can go for adventures no matter the weather. Plus, you can choose from all the beautiful colours! Very high-quality product and I can happily recommned it.

  7. Sanne en Silla

    I really love it! It fits so perfect and my dog is very comfortable! Its keeps her good dry no matter how hard it rains! We use it very often and its so easy to use.

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